Hi everyone, as you will know we had to very reluctantly cancel and/or postpone the Phil Rudd Band shows scheduled in the UK between 14th and 21st September 2017.

It is now with deep regret the we are forced to cancel and/or postpone the remaining shows booked in Europe from 22nd September and 6th November 2017.

Unforeseen last-minute circumstances and key logistical & technical issues have resulted in having to take this much regrettable action that no one could foresee or want.

Both Phil and his band were very keen to perform again in Europe and believe this ambition can be fully realised in 2018 which is already being worked on now. Indeed the Phil Rudd Band were fully rehearsed and ready to travel to Europe from New Zealand.

Phil Rudd remains in very good health and circumstances beyond his control have taken place for which we duly apologise to all the fans.

It is our intention to tour Phil Rudd Band in May and June 2018 with all shows re-scheduled in this period with new tour dates to be published soon.